About this site – work in Japan

working in japan: 20 years experience in gaishikei

Whether you are a seasoned executive moving to Japan for a short-term expat contract or a long-term resident working  in japan and changing to a management position this site is for you.

I am a French citizen currently living in Japan and I will try to share with you my soon-to-be 20 years experience in Japan, mostly in foreign companies.

But WHY?

I saw in 20 years so many companies failing in Japan for obvious but simple reasons.

I am currently the representative director for a small European company. I was headhunted when the company had only 4 employees but was losing more than 1 Mio EURO and was crippled by debt… it was few years ago.

Today we will reach soon 20 employees, are debt free, profitable and even paying dividends to the headquarters. And the business is growing very well.



My intention is to address in each post a specific issue, sometimes illustrated by a real-life story or experience.

At the end of each post I will give some down-to-earth Hints (not advices as I believe you will have to judge by yourself what to do in your own context).

Feel free to contact me if you need more insight on a specific issue.

So now enjoy the reading.