Hanamasa : The best place for meat in Japan – Affordable and bulky!

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Niku no Hanamasa on City Cost

While I am busy writing a blog on working in Japan at
I am also willing to share what is best for peoples coming from abroad and willing to enjoy Japanese life and also own country food.
For most foreign residents in Japan, there are a lot of shops dedicated to them when it comes to buy imported food.
I will not list-up all of them as most peoples know Nisshin located in Azabu Juban (
, The Meat Guy (Β when it comes to internet site, or CostCo and related wholesalers.
There is however a Japanese company with many stores in Japan bringing nice meat for all occasions.
This company is Hanamasa.
Their motto is:

“Food starts conversations and creates smiles”

“Food is power and hospitality”

“Food is memory and hope”

“Everything begins with food”

Only in Tokyo, they have places in Akasaka, Akihabara, Asakusa, Ikebukuro, Itabashi, Ichigaya, Ooimachi, Omori, Ohana-Jaya, Kamata, Kameari, Kami-Igusa, Kanda, Ginza, Kinshicho, Kojiya, SangenJaya, Shibaura, Shin-Okachimachi, Shinkawa, Sugamo, Sumiyoshi, Senzoku, Takinogawa, Tsurukawa, Dozaka, Tomigaya, Toritsu-dai, Nakano, Niihori, Nishi-Arai, Nishi-Shinjuku, Nishi-Shinbashi, Nihonbashi-Takaracho, Nihonbashi-Honcho, Negishi, Hirai-Ekimae, Honancho, Minami-Azabu, Yushima.

So it’s a lot of shops inside Tokyo.
Originally it was not dedicated to the foreign community, but brought quality products for restaurants. And many local restaurants are buying there because you can find product on a “wholesale quantity”, means extra bulk chips packs or huge tomato cans. This is also true for meat. You can find imported meat at a very affordable price and in extra quantity. (i.e. 1Kg or more, while in a Japanese supermarket you would buy this by 100~200g pack).
I often use it when I am in a mood to cook some nice meat or organize a BBQ.
As of today, I have never been disappointed by the quality of meat or fish.
(Regarding fish, depending on the shop they can cut and arrange the fish for you)
Also some shops have delivery options, so they will bring all you bought to your home.


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  1. Very interesting! It can be confusing when you arrive in Tokyo for the first time, because most things are written with Japanese characters. At least that was my experience in 1996. Shopping at a store for groceries and hopping on and off trains took lots of courage, but my hubby and I managed for the month that we were there. Visiting from Expat Tuesday!

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