City-Cost is a new platform dedicated to the expat community in Japan.

City-Cost is managed by Kyodo News Digital  which is a 100% subsidiary of Kyodo News
City-Cost also partners with The Japan Times
You can find blogs, Q&A and all information useful for foreigners living in Japan.
I contribute to this site too and please feel free to visit and maybe register with them.
I simply copy their “about page” to explain about this service:

About City-Cost

Why City-Cost?

For foreigners, life in Japan can sometimes be difficult.
The living experience differs greatly from visiting Japan as a tourist;
language, daily life and cultural differences are just a few examples.

There are more,

  • Understanding the types of hospitals and communicating
  • Insurance and the way it works
  • Visas, alien registration, getting a driver’s license
  • Choosing your child’s nursery or school and what to expect

These kinds of simple things can be done without difficulty in one’s home country, but in a foreign place, your first experiences can be challenging.
The necessary information people need for their daily lives might not exist in a language they can understand.

This is why I have created City-Cost.

The goal is simple; better the lives of foreigners living in Japan.
Users will be able to ask questions, and consult with each other regarding the challenges of life over here, in a real-time setting.
Through City Cost and its community, I hope to provide access to all of the necessities for life in Japan.

Please feel free to check the site or subscribe to my blog here. (I added a widget for it, hope it works…!)

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French citizen in his forties living in Japan. Almost 20 years working for foreign companies in Japan. I have an engineering background with an extensive sales experience in highly regulated industries. I am currently the representative director and managing director for an European company's subsidiary in Japan. I have seen all the lows and highs of foreign companies in Japan since late 90ties. Feel free to contact me wether you are looking for opportunities in Japan.

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