Networking in Japan

If you are a foreigner in Japan, you might wonder (or not) what are the best venues to network with your peers.

I will keep this post short as I guess that most of the peoples reading this know where to go and who to meet.

From my experience:

Chamber of commerces events (you might see the same peoples every time, so it might not extend your network)

Embassy related events

Networking clubs (like Paris Club in Japan)

I would however recommend to join events organized by headhunter or recruiting companies. For example Robert Walters organizes such events few times a year. You might benefit by meeting your peers, also potential candidates and also keep in touch with recruiters (might help your career at some point)

Finally, for peoples enjoying fine food, eating in restaurants, clubs and so on might make you close to very privy peoples.

Final (promise) point, my best connections happened in the park I go every weekend with my kids…

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French citizen in his forties living in Japan. Almost 20 years working for foreign companies in Japan. I have an engineering background with an extensive sales experience in highly regulated industries. I am currently the representative director and managing director for an European company's subsidiary in Japan. I have seen all the lows and highs of foreign companies in Japan since late 90ties. Feel free to contact me wether you are looking for opportunities in Japan.

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