again the headquarter peoples

yes we can

yes we can is another character in the headquarter peoples series

In a reference to a previous post about the Mythology of the HEADQUARTER peoples, I would like to add a new type, the “YES WE CAN”, or the over-commitment monster.

He will visit your customer.
If he is asked to improve a feature or develop something new he will tell to the customer that it can be surely done.
He will promise to work on it when back to the headquarter.
And most of the time, you will get no more feedback from him.
Because he is surely busy preparing his next business trip to over-commit again and again in another territory.
He is either in sales function, but has no clue about the technical details which might prevent to achieve what has been promised.
Or he might be in a technical or R&D function but has few background on the economics behind his proposal.

HINT: Please do a quick review with your customer, do not make him expect too much and explain that costs and other factors involved might not make the proposal attractive. Do not promise something that you can not deliver.

Regarding your colleague from the headquarter, make sure that he actually does some follow-up when back home. if not, he might not be welcome back in Japan again…

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