Jobs in Japan: How to recruit the best peoples

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how to recruit and retain the best peoples in Japan

Jobs in Japan: How to recruit the best peoples in Japan (and retain them)

How to recruit the best peoples in Japan is often one of the key questions management is facing:
  • If your company is too small, you will have difficulties to attract peoples at the beginning.
  • If you have a company of a consequent size and need to recruit many peoples, you might have a wide gap in the levels of your employees. Either because you cannot find the best for all positions, or simply because you do not have enough time to dedicate to your screening process.
Before to go on the featured image is the Blue impulse aerobatic demonstration team (Blue Impulse in Wikipedia), the aerobatic demonstration team of the Japan Air Self-Defense force, illustration striving for the best and all together working as a team.

Expanding your company step by step

At the beginning you will need to have the core members in your organization.
For this you will need to find the best peoples on the market.
You might have to propose attractive salaries to attract them.
In order to facilitate this process work with good headhunters. They know how to recruit the best peoples in Japan, but you will need to develop good relationship with them. More about this in another post.
When you have found your core team and want to expand your organization you can rely on lower salarie.
At this stage you can recruit maybe younger peoples that you are willing to develop and grow them up in your organization.

What are the key points in recruiting core members?

You will need peoples that are willing to stay on the long term in your organization.
You might want to recruit peoples in their mid 40s, early 50s.
They will not easily leave your company and will consider basically this move to your company as one of their major last step in their career.
If you are a company manufacturing products (even not in Japan  but importing manufacturer products), you might prefer peoples who have worked at a manufacturer and not at a trading company.
Someone who has experience of a foreign company or gaishikei (if you want to know more about gaishikei) would be better.

How to retain your core members?

I am lucky to have recruited in the past 7 years for my current company some very good members.
Nobody has left the company since.
You find some foreign companies where the turnover is extremely high.
So, to retain your core members, it is all about motivation and emulation.
If you found the right peoples, they will help expand your business.
If you grow up your business, you will be recruit more peoples. Your core members will see this and it will be an occasion to increase their responsibilities.

Involve them in decisions.

I had the luck to be in a company where we have several business units.
Each core member is basically in charge of one of them.
I ask them to consider themselves like entrepreneur, they should run their business unit as their own company.

Summary and hints:

To sum-up this post on How to recruit the best peoples in Japan, what I wanted to share with you is:

  • Plan your company expansion step by step

  • Recruit first core members, find the best by using appropriately headhunters

  • Develop then your organization with younger members that you are willing to develop

  • Keep your core members involved closely in the development of your organization in order to retain them

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French citizen in his forties living in Japan. Almost 20 years working for foreign companies in Japan. I have an engineering background with an extensive sales experience in highly regulated industries. I am currently the representative director and managing director for an European company's subsidiary in Japan. I have seen all the lows and highs of foreign companies in Japan since late 90ties. Feel free to contact me wether you are looking for opportunities in Japan.

2 Comments on Jobs in Japan: How to recruit the best peoples

  1. Great site!

    Do you have any insight on females in finance or consulting looking to move to Japan and possibly work at a gaishikei? There seems to be a lot of info on the expat salaryman on the web, is pay between genders equal? Would you think it’s even harder for a young female to secure a great gig?

    • Hello
      Thank you for your message.
      If you are talking about the pure finance firm or consulting firms, I do not have much insight on females working there. I feel it still tends to be a very male universe in Japan. I do know females (even non-Japanese) who got top finance positions such a CFO in gaishikei. (but they had to be very strong as most of their counterparts where Japanese males sometimes). I know another female who was in consulting, but there the main hurdle is the language barrier if you are in customer facing situation.
      Regarding salary in general, I did not see in Gaishikei any discrimination (at least in the company I know of). You might be interested to read the Japanese salary survey from Robert Walters:
      At the end, if you are motivated and do the right effort (learn the language), and have patience, there is no reason that you cannot find a great position.

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