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most viewed writer in business in japan (“a most” not “the most”!<- but now “the most”)

I started last week to contribute to a site I did not know and was happy to get the following message today that I was ranked as a most viewed writer in business in japan in Quora.


UPDATE: I could be lucky to be ranked number on in Quora for the Business in Japan section


It is a site with many contributors asking and answering questions. Many threads about Japan too.


Most viewed writer in business in japan

You can follow my comments there:

Is official corruption/bribery a bigger problem in Japan than in the United States?

Which elementary schools and pre-schools can you recommend for children with multicultural backgrounds in Tokyo?

How advanced is Japan?

What are some goods people would import from Japan?

What’s the best way to market yourself to gaishikei companies in Japan for jobs in which you may not fit the requirements 100%?

How can I get a job in Japan?

What are some examples of American companies which have tried to enter the Japanese market and failed?

Is Japan considering banning smoking in bars and restaurants as of 2016?

Is there any other Japanese – English machine translators except Google?

What should I know about international gift-giving etiquette in Japan?

How I can find business partner in japan?

How can I be successful in doing business in Japan?



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French citizen in his forties living in Japan. Almost 20 years working for foreign companies in Japan. I have an engineering background with an extensive sales experience in highly regulated industries. I am currently the representative director and managing director for an European company's subsidiary in Japan. I have seen all the lows and highs of foreign companies in Japan since late 90ties. Feel free to contact me wether you are looking for opportunities in Japan.

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